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Fashion On Trial

Is there a danger in fashion? Should there be any policies or laws against it? I investigate fashion’s hazards, and what we can do to stop them…

The craze of high heels has been around for too long to remember, but finally it seems to be dying down (see Death Of The Killer Heel). Still, what was it with those 6-inch stilettos that drive us mad with there throbbing and constant hobbling whenever we run for the bus? Okay, the guy that invented heels, lets face it, is a genius. Yet, the craze of even higher heels as it was, could be potentially risky. Christian Louboutin heels are the best of the best, however, they’re newer range, fresh of the catwalk, are some of the highest ever. Victoria Beckham recently stepped out in gorgeous Louboutins, about 7 inches high. Gorgeous, yes. Yet the press managed to somehow find the huge bunions on her pedicured feet! High heels play havoc on every joint around the ankle. And even more so, on the spine and the muscles that support it. To beat the heel, stick to smaller heels, or comfortable flats, and to make them extra special, wear high heels on special occasions.

Heels aren’t the only risk however. Studies now show that oversized shoulder bags can be damaging to the spine, neck and shoulders. Carrying the huge bag for a long time, can leave the muscles sore, and can even send them into a spasm. The bags may also pull on the nerves in the arm, causing pins and needles or pain. Take out heavier, unneeded items, to make the bag lighter, or use a smaller bag for everyday use.

Tight belts are also now considered to be somewhat dangerous when worn all the time. You may have seen Victorian women in movies, wearing tight corsets – and they keep fainting! This is because tight things around the body can interfere with breathing and can cause light headedness, maybe even making you faint. It can also cause heartburn as digestion is slower. Slower digestion also means your bowel will move food along slowly, so there’s a lot of wind by the time you take off the belt! Move the belt down a notch, wear elasticised belts instead, or just take tighter belts off every now and then.

An obvious one is, but perhaps one of the most common is wearing bras that are too small, or even too big, as this can be very damaging to breast tissue. The tight straps can cause your shoulders to be sore, leading to aches in your back and neck. You should have your bras fitted probably at a department store, or try on different ones, till you find the right fit.

Finally, a less obvious one, is tight jeans. Low-slung, tight jeans put a lot of pressure on the urethra (the tube that carries urine out the body) causing inflammation, which can lead to cystitis. This will cause pain, and will need medical attention. You should always buy a higher cut pair, and don’t add to the risk with a tight belt.

Fashion is fun, but just be wise to the risks, and always be comfortable with what you’re wearing. If something feels too tight, small, big or just uncomfortable, change it. Try to get regular fittings, and make sure everything feels right.

Winter Blues

The title of this post is a lie. It’s not really Winter. And I don’t have the blues. Nonetheless, it was Friday yesterday. I did not do anything remotely interesting. However, upon browsing the photography folder in My Pictures, I found this photograph:

I took it at the cemetary close to where I live. I thought it was beautiful when taken around December time when the icy roads were increasing. Now it seems so melancholy and unnecessary, and sort of it gives me a sense of faux winter blues. Yet, I can’t bring myself to delete it. Instead, I think of how we leave the snow behind, and look forward to the summer ahead.

So, in preparation for the Spring/Summer of 2010, I  kick-started with these vintage blue and white polkadot sunglasses, and Paul Smith Floral Eau De Toilet:

You Gotta’ Love Summer!♥

It Was Acceptable In The 80’s

Today, I saw a woman, well into her 50’s it looked, wearing bright green tights, a thick white and green jumper-dress, and an odd hairstyle: shorter on one side, with a green tint in the thick fringe that covered her eyebrows. She looked fabulous to be honest, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of 80’s styles…

It’s been questioned before which era was best for fashion. Now or then? The 80’s were a great time for fashion. Girls started developing new styles that changed how we look today. One of my favourite things about fashion, is it’s always changing. Who knew that before, we looked at Aladdin-style trousers with humour, and nobody would think to wear a pair. Now? The Aladdin pants, are big on the catwalk and are known as the Harem pant. So, how has fashion evolved from the 80’s to the 21st Century? Well…

A good example of fashion back then would be the famous crop jacket, worn with long gloves and usually, cut off denim. So, the crop jacket has evolved into…the waistcoat. Now, the new style is a waistcoat with jeans.

Going back to the 80’s again, ballet style tutus were also big back then. The tutu style inspired the new look of the 21st century – the layered look. Only now, with the help of new designers and new fabrics, the tutu style dress has branched out new ideas, the strapless dress, the LBD, and many more. Another huge item of clothing brought back to the A/W 08 collections, was the classic 80’s smock dress.

Rara skirts, frills, ruffles, pixie boots, lace: all from the 80’s, and still relevant today. Along with many other fads from the eighties, the legwarmer was huge for dancing and other sports. So, from the legwarmer comes…brightly coloured indie tights. Instead of the green legwarmers with shorts and pumps, (80’s) we now wear slogan T-shirts, with a skirt and bright coloured tights, this style is big at festivals etc.

It’s not just clothes however, hairstyles have changed and inspired us even in 2008. At one point during the 80’s, there was a craze over short hair, with every teen magazine cover, starring a famous celeb with short hair. It seems that look is coming back, with the likes of Kate Moss, and Victoria Beckham also sporting the short look. Eighties make up has inspired the looks of today too. The classic brightly coloured eye makeup is a big hit today, as well as brightly coloured, or nude lips. The eyeliner from back then, has evolved widely today, with new ways of making your eyes stand out, such as wing tips, and cat eyes.

I think the 80’s was an important time for fashion. And although the looks altered slightly over the years, a lot of inspiration has come from earlier designs. Every design becoming more unique, new designers coming up, and different trends on the catwalk, means that fashion is always changing, always varying and most importantly, always improving!

The Mum: The Style Icon

Who says m0m’s have no sense of style? Check out the pics of these momma’s in their haydays…

To Thine Own Style Be True

My Fashion History:

None of my family were ever that bothered about fashion. We didn’t have a lot of money, so clothes would fall bottom of the priorities list. In fact, the only person midly interested, was my grandmother. I remember, she had the most beautiful dressing table I’ve ever  seen. It stood below the window, the white lace curtains draped around it. It was  dark mahogony and had lots of little drawers hidden in it. I would sit on that stool whenever I went there, delve right in and see what I could find.

Grandmother’s taste was very 50s: red lipsticks, green/blue eyeshadows and blackest black mascaras in the makeup drawer. Metal necklaces,big stone rings and an assortment of retro scarfs in the accesory drawer. And in the bigger drawers, classic pieces: black pencil skirts, countless silky chiffon blouses, a mens-like tailored black blazer, and trousers. I would take everything out, try it on, and prance around the room.

On the back door of her bedroom, three or four coats were hung; a green, military-style trench coat, a navy blue bomber jacket,  a long black buttoned coat, they were all beautiful. And even though the sleeves went way past my hands, and the length down to my shins (I was a short child),  I’d feel like a 50s moviestar, in all her attire.

As the years went on, my grandmother passed away, and I couldn’t play 50s dress-up anymore. No, in the years that followed, my mo would dress me. It was in these years, that she taught me the art of colour coordination (as I would want to go out wearing pinks, greens, browns and blacks – she insisted, no).

Eventually, somewhere between the pink sandals and skorts my mom had me in, I wanted to develop my own style. I started flicking through my moms magazines from the 70s and 80s, and I discovered this thing called ‘grunge’. And one day (I was around 8 or 9), I asked my mom if I could become a ‘Rock Chick’. “As long as you don’t dye your hair black, sure!” Was her reply.

So, my first fashion venture was a ‘rock glamour’ look. My outfit consisted of skin-tight grey skinny jeans (I picked the sequin stars of off the pockets), a black vest top, four black studded bangles and, for makeup (as these were the days before liquid eyeliner), I wore a black lipstich from a Witches Face Paint set from Halloween.

I wore this outfit all the time. I think in a way, it was my way of rebelling against the lack of creativity we had. There was never really a way to express myself until I learnt to write, and to dress. And even today, the favourite peice of my wardrobe is the classic, skinny jean.

Mom still won’t let me dye my hair black though…

And The Winner Is…

Georgia May Jagger, 18, daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, campaigned with Vasace, Louis Vuitton, Prada, most recently Hudson Jeans, and starred in magazines Vanity Fair, Vogue, and most recently Dazed & Confused, has been named Model of The Year.

Death Of The Killer Heel


OMG. It’s official. Feet are free!

No more of that ache when you first slip your toes into those 6 inch Louboutins. No more of that ache when you slip your toes out of those 6 inch Louboutins. This S/S, killer heels are out. Instead, enjoy the comforts of gladiator sandals, nude wedges, strudy clogs, ankle boots, ballerina flats, and small, thick heels.

Death To The Killer Heel