The induviae has arrived.

Hello, and welcome.

So, after much deliberation, I have decided to get into blogging. After reading a few blogs (Style Bubble and Elle Blogs),  I thought I’d have a go at starting my own.

Here’s the thing. I am not a fashion insider, I do not work in the industry, and I don’t have friends in high places. So I won’t be offering the inside scoop on the catwalks and what one of the Olsen twins wore to lunch. I will simply write on what I know and love. My first fashion experience was from when I was six. I was in Florida on holiday, and my mom and I went to this massive mall. We went to Macys, Bloomigdales and all the classic American stores. And I bought my first designer item – a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Jeans. Well, my mom bought them for me. From then on, I’ve been hooked. The thing I love about fashion, is its everywhere. Its everything. I see it everyday. So, this blog will be about finding fashion everywhere. Please note, I don’t own any pictures on here (apart from the ones I took!) and I make and edit my own ‘sets’ on Polyvore.

This is induviaedaily.

induviae (pronounced ‘in-doo-vee-ay’) is the latin word for clothes. Quite simply, this is a fashion and beauty blog. Daily updates on the world of fashion, highlights on key pieces, beauty, media, travel, art, with a few polls and photos thrown in. And since there’s no time like the present, this is the first ‘edit’. An edit is a piece about clothes – fashion in general. What’s new, what’s now, what works – the stuff that should be in your wardrobe . So check back for daily edits.  Thanks for listening, here goes…

Pink Edge

Black lace is the one to watch for S/S. Pair it with lighter tones to give it a girly edge. Try bold materials for 2010: suede, leather, lace. In particular, New Look offer some great lace pieces. As for colours, purple, green, electric blues and black and whites are ready for your wardrobe.

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