She Hates Fashion

Tanya Gold has no fun shopping anymore…

Its a Sunday morning and there’s nothing to do but catch up on the news and get ready for the upcoming week. Reading the Guardian this morning, I come across an article in the Life & Style section, ‘Why I Hate Fashion, by Tanya Gold’. She goes into elaborate detail into why she hates fashion, but its clear its because of 3 reasons..

1) She hates Carrie Bradshaw’s ornate love of shoes.

2) A young girl died wearing heels, and Gold definitely blames the heels.

3) One model she interviewed was very depressed and didn’t like her pictures.

She has some interesting points about fashion when she was a child, and the faces she sees whilst she shops: “White and windowless” and “I don’t think I ever saw anyone laugh in Harvey Nichols”. However, she is reluctant to see anymore to fashion, than its fads, its ‘latest wears’, its 6-inch heels. Yes, fashion can be restrictive, I admit. But its also full of creation, expression, personality and fun.

What Gold lacks is the ability to see any other side of fashion, but the oppressive, depressive portrayal. Surely, she couldn’t have concocted this obscure opinion of fashion on her own? No. I’m sure the media helped her there.

‘Anorexic children’ she calls it, as Tanya flicks through the glossy pages of Vogue, oh-so-tempted to rip it up. What she misses is the informative articles, the intriguing ads, and the simple self-expression and beauty that comes from its photoshoots.

She also fails to see the difference between ‘fashion’ and ‘style’. Fashion catwalks don’t dictate, they influence. That’s what fashion is: an influence. Then your own personal style comes from what you take from the catwalks. Gold is sure designer labels don’t make you beautiful. Maybe so. But isn’t it somewhat hypocritical of her to say that, as she’s all about beauty on the inside? Designer labels may not make you look beautiful on the outside (though often, the right ones do!), but they always certainly make you feel beautiful on the inside. And that’s all that counts.

Come shopping with me Tan, I’ll show you the light.


One response to “She Hates Fashion

  1. This woman obviously doesnt get out enough and enjoy life or perhaps she is green with envy that people have an individal style of there own that she lacks. As for saying; She hates Carrie Bradshaw’s ornate love of shoes, how does any woman not love shoes. The miseable dowdy photo of her makes me think she needs to get a life and some style but frankly i think she is a lost cause. lolxx

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