The Elle Effect

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There are few things in life that make you feel simply, naturally happy: pancakes on sunday mornings, finishing the last chapters of an interesting book, the sudden realization on a friday afternoon that you have the weekend ahead of you etc etc..

None however, quite like the feeling of the sharp smack, as February’s issue of Elle hits the coffee table. A sudden squeal of excitement, and I’m away.

Elle February

Elle February 2010

Flicking through its pages in the early hours of the morning, I go on and on and on. Passing the glossy ads of Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton, I come to an interesting piece about abortions, and how women shouldn’t be ashamed of them: Is This The Last Female Taboo?

Next, the edits. And just as I predicted, the colour for Spring/Summer 2010 is beige. Well, I say beige, I mean nude, oatmeal, flesh, taupe, biscuit, desert sand..whatever you call it. This neutral colour looks gorgeous on the catwalks and in the high street. Just don’t call it brown..

Then I come to the Natalie Portman interview, I hesitate to turn the page as April Long attempts to reveal ‘the real Natalie Portman’. I soldier on, and discover its a fabulous interview. I’m even tempted to see her new film BROTHERS, out 22 January. David Slijper shoots Portman, she wears a range of silk chiffon, golds, silver and coppers, romantic ruffles and girly Chanel.

I read it till the early hours of the morning, then I fall asleep so very happy.

Now that’s the Elle effect.


2 responses to “The Elle Effect

  1. Good post.N.Portman RUlles! regards!

  2. i love elle so much and loved reading this post!
    im a very new blogger and your blog is inspiring!

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