It Was Acceptable In The 80’s

Today, I saw a woman, well into her 50’s it looked, wearing bright green tights, a thick white and green jumper-dress, and an odd hairstyle: shorter on one side, with a green tint in the thick fringe that covered her eyebrows. She looked fabulous to be honest, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of 80’s styles…

It’s been questioned before which era was best for fashion. Now or then? The 80’s were a great time for fashion. Girls started developing new styles that changed how we look today. One of my favourite things about fashion, is it’s always changing. Who knew that before, we looked at Aladdin-style trousers with humour, and nobody would think to wear a pair. Now? The Aladdin pants, are big on the catwalk and are known as the Harem pant. So, how has fashion evolved from the 80’s to the 21st Century? Well…

A good example of fashion back then would be the famous crop jacket, worn with long gloves and usually, cut off denim. So, the crop jacket has evolved into…the waistcoat. Now, the new style is a waistcoat with jeans.

Going back to the 80’s again, ballet style tutus were also big back then. The tutu style inspired the new look of the 21st century – the layered look. Only now, with the help of new designers and new fabrics, the tutu style dress has branched out new ideas, the strapless dress, the LBD, and many more. Another huge item of clothing brought back to the A/W 08 collections, was the classic 80’s smock dress.

Rara skirts, frills, ruffles, pixie boots, lace: all from the 80’s, and still relevant today. Along with many other fads from the eighties, the legwarmer was huge for dancing and other sports. So, from the legwarmer comes…brightly coloured indie tights. Instead of the green legwarmers with shorts and pumps, (80’s) we now wear slogan T-shirts, with a skirt and bright coloured tights, this style is big at festivals etc.

It’s not just clothes however, hairstyles have changed and inspired us even in 2008. At one point during the 80’s, there was a craze over short hair, with every teen magazine cover, starring a famous celeb with short hair. It seems that look is coming back, with the likes of Kate Moss, and Victoria Beckham also sporting the short look. Eighties make up has inspired the looks of today too. The classic brightly coloured eye makeup is a big hit today, as well as brightly coloured, or nude lips. The eyeliner from back then, has evolved widely today, with new ways of making your eyes stand out, such as wing tips, and cat eyes.

I think the 80’s was an important time for fashion. And although the looks altered slightly over the years, a lot of inspiration has come from earlier designs. Every design becoming more unique, new designers coming up, and different trends on the catwalk, means that fashion is always changing, always varying and most importantly, always improving!

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