Winter Blues

The title of this post is a lie. It’s not really Winter. And I don’t have the blues. Nonetheless, it was Friday yesterday. I did not do anything remotely interesting. However, upon browsing the photography folder in My Pictures, I found this photograph:

I took it at the cemetary close to where I live. I thought it was beautiful when taken around December time when the icy roads were increasing. Now it seems so melancholy and unnecessary, and sort of it gives me a sense of faux winter blues. Yet, I can’t bring myself to delete it. Instead, I think of how we leave the snow behind, and look forward to the summer ahead.

So, in preparation for the Spring/Summer of 2010, I  kick-started with these vintage blue and white polkadot sunglasses, and Paul Smith Floral Eau De Toilet:

You Gotta’ Love Summer!♥

2 responses to “Winter Blues

  1. This is a fab looking website Abbey x x I don’t know much about fashion but I’m learning. The photograph is cool. I wonder what that silhouette is between the trees on the left side of that photo.

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