Fashion On Trial

Is there a danger in fashion? Should there be any policies or laws against it? I investigate fashion’s hazards, and what we can do to stop them…

The craze of high heels has been around for too long to remember, but finally it seems to be dying down (see Death Of The Killer Heel). Still, what was it with those 6-inch stilettos that drive us mad with there throbbing and constant hobbling whenever we run for the bus? Okay, the guy that invented heels, lets face it, is a genius. Yet, the craze of even higher heels as it was, could be potentially risky. Christian Louboutin heels are the best of the best, however, they’re newer range, fresh of the catwalk, are some of the highest ever. Victoria Beckham recently stepped out in gorgeous Louboutins, about 7 inches high. Gorgeous, yes. Yet the press managed to somehow find the huge bunions on her pedicured feet! High heels play havoc on every joint around the ankle. And even more so, on the spine and the muscles that support it. To beat the heel, stick to smaller heels, or comfortable flats, and to make them extra special, wear high heels on special occasions.

Heels aren’t the only risk however. Studies now show that oversized shoulder bags can be damaging to the spine, neck and shoulders. Carrying the huge bag for a long time, can leave the muscles sore, and can even send them into a spasm. The bags may also pull on the nerves in the arm, causing pins and needles or pain. Take out heavier, unneeded items, to make the bag lighter, or use a smaller bag for everyday use.

Tight belts are also now considered to be somewhat dangerous when worn all the time. You may have seen Victorian women in movies, wearing tight corsets – and they keep fainting! This is because tight things around the body can interfere with breathing and can cause light headedness, maybe even making you faint. It can also cause heartburn as digestion is slower. Slower digestion also means your bowel will move food along slowly, so there’s a lot of wind by the time you take off the belt! Move the belt down a notch, wear elasticised belts instead, or just take tighter belts off every now and then.

An obvious one is, but perhaps one of the most common is wearing bras that are too small, or even too big, as this can be very damaging to breast tissue. The tight straps can cause your shoulders to be sore, leading to aches in your back and neck. You should have your bras fitted probably at a department store, or try on different ones, till you find the right fit.

Finally, a less obvious one, is tight jeans. Low-slung, tight jeans put a lot of pressure on the urethra (the tube that carries urine out the body) causing inflammation, which can lead to cystitis. This will cause pain, and will need medical attention. You should always buy a higher cut pair, and don’t add to the risk with a tight belt.

Fashion is fun, but just be wise to the risks, and always be comfortable with what you’re wearing. If something feels too tight, small, big or just uncomfortable, change it. Try to get regular fittings, and make sure everything feels right.

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