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Peter Funch Photography

If you didn’t know already, I love ‘People Watching’. Yes, its an interesting sport that involves sitting oneself down and watching, judging, wondering about the people that walk by. Really, if I had my way I’d sit on a swing all day and watch the people that walk by. Perhaps not the most polite thing to do, but hey, what do you do when your bored? So when I saw these photographs, they reminded me of ‘People Watching’. I love them! The children and the camera one are my faves, and is it weird the yawn one makes me sleepy? Well anyway, check out more of his wonderful photography at

Also, I apologize for the decrease in posting, I’ve been super busy with coursework, and getting ready for London Fashion Weekend. I leave Friday and am back Monday. Cannot wait!!!!! *SQUEEEAL!* (God, I do so much squealing lately!) So yeah, blog will be back to normal Monday, love you all :)


Heelish Contradiction

As I said before in Death Of The Killer Heel, the higher heel is sparse on the catwalks in Spring and Summer 2010, yes. But does that mean I can’t lust after Pollini’s new range of high heels on So I may be contradicting myself somewhat..But who wouldn’t want those patent plastic cone-heels? See the gallery below for more.

Morning Elegance

Here’s whats been blasting out of my iPod this week. It wasn’t so much the song that caught my attention, but the video…

All You Need Is Love (And Other News)

I haven’t been the best fashion blogger lately, in that I’ve completely ignored New York Fashion Week. This is down to a few reasons, 1) I’m waiting on London Fashion Week, 2) I live in England (I know not an excuse, but I’m not exactly there to witness the magic first hand, and 3) Whilst reading up on all that’s happening over there, I didn’t find much of it particularly interesting, all except for Marc Jacobs’ line, to whom I stay forever faithful. Also, Alexa Chung’s first collection for Madewell even caught the attention of Anna Wintour, so I suppose its worth some of mine, LOL. But no, I really do love Alexa Chung’s style (classy feminine meets geeky school-boy), so its great that she’s taken it from the front row to the catwalk. So will you be buying a piece from Chung’s range?

In other news… Well I’ve hesitated to mention this other news, as it does contain some mild adult content. Ehh, what the heck. Love Magazine has caused quite the media frenzy with their recently published 8 covers, displaying quite tactfully (almost) nude supermodels. These legendary models include Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone, Jeniel Williams and more. The models also bared all inside the pages of the mag! Shortly afterwards, Prada teamed up with Love Magazine to make this video ‘Love Thing’ to show beauty and perfection in a whole other light. The video stars some of my favourite models, Agyness Deyn, Dree Hemingway, Pixie Geldof and Rasa Zukauskaite.

So maybe New York Fashion Week isn’t as dull as I thought. Well anyhow, it seems I will be keeping you informed of the latest fashion news from now on, cos you never know what you might miss…

Now I Really Want A Tattoo

Ever wanted a tattoo but mom won’t let you? Afraid of needles and/or pain? Don’t want to be scarred but like the pretty pattern? Well now you can! Have a Chanel transfer-temporary tattoo, that is. Reportedly, tattoos and body art are the next big thing this season, seen all over New York and Paris catwalks; namely Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel. The Chanel tattoos occurred mainly around the thighs and legs, shortening the hemlines, for a playful/girly approach. Jean Paul Gaultier and Rodarte branded the models with bold, gothic designs on their chests, faces and arms for a tougher, darker look. Ah, I want one…

images via

London Letter Love!

I am not ashamed to say that when, whilst browsing my email inbox, I came across the London Fashion Week 3 Weeks Left Reminder, I squealed. Like a big girl. Yes, had sent me an email saying, Just 3 Weeks To Go Until London’s SS10 Collections! And as I scrolled down and saw the picture attached, I squealed once more. Louder.

The ‘Letter from London’ read inspiring statements..

Here’s to the season when the sun shone on London. When the gorgeous golden home-quarters of fashion week opened at Somerset House. When Burberry, Matthew Williamson, Jonathan Saunders and Pringle of Scotland came back to town. When fresh talent and creativity burst out all over the place. A new presentation schedule kicked off. And worked. And things ran almost on time. The British don’t boast, so we’ll just have to whisper this: it’s turned out to be a 25th Anniversary Bonanza round here…

I conclude…OMG!!!! *SQUEALS*

The Most Beautiful Shoes In The World!?

Now, don’t comment on all the capitals. When things are as important as this, it needs lots of capital letters. Okay. So a while back I did ‘The Most Beautiful Shoes In The World’ post when I saw Kendra Spears’ editorial in Japanese Vogue. But, I admit, I was wrong. They were not The Most Beautiful Shoes In The World, no. These are…

Whilst reading the ‘Die Young, Stay Pretty’ blog, I came across this A/W Zoo Magazine photoshoot including a very pregnant Roisin Murphy. She may be heavily baby-bulging, but she wears, with elegance,  without a doubt The Most Beautiful Shoes In The World. The masterpieces were made by none other than the Queen herself, Vivienne Westwood, for her Gold Label collection. There are no more words for these bad boys….I’ll just let you marvel in their greatness….