London Letter Love!

I am not ashamed to say that when, whilst browsing my email inbox, I came across the London Fashion Week 3 Weeks Left Reminder, I squealed. Like a big girl. Yes, had sent me an email saying, Just 3 Weeks To Go Until London’s SS10 Collections! And as I scrolled down and saw the picture attached, I squealed once more. Louder.

The ‘Letter from London’ read inspiring statements..

Here’s to the season when the sun shone on London. When the gorgeous golden home-quarters of fashion week opened at Somerset House. When Burberry, Matthew Williamson, Jonathan Saunders and Pringle of Scotland came back to town. When fresh talent and creativity burst out all over the place. A new presentation schedule kicked off. And worked. And things ran almost on time. The British don’t boast, so we’ll just have to whisper this: it’s turned out to be a 25th Anniversary Bonanza round here…

I conclude…OMG!!!! *SQUEALS*


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