Now I Really Want A Tattoo

Ever wanted a tattoo but mom won’t let you? Afraid of needles and/or pain? Don’t want to be scarred but like the pretty pattern? Well now you can! Have a Chanel transfer-temporary tattoo, that is. Reportedly, tattoos and body art are the next big thing this season, seen all over New York and Paris catwalks; namely Rodarte, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel. The Chanel tattoos occurred mainly around the thighs and legs, shortening the hemlines, for a playful/girly approach. Jean Paul Gaultier and Rodarte branded the models with bold, gothic designs on their chests, faces and arms for a tougher, darker look. Ah, I want one…

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2 responses to “Now I Really Want A Tattoo

  1. those tattoos are fab! wow, must be kind of wonderful having myself labeled “chanel”. haha. the first one is my favorite. love the highlights and how diligently made the tattoo was.

  2. Thanks for wonderful pics of Chanel Temporary Body Tattoos.
    .. I really like the temporary tattoo designs of Chanel tattoos.
    Great Water Transfer Tattoo designs.

    Niraj Gera

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