All You Need Is Love (And Other News)

I haven’t been the best fashion blogger lately, in that I’ve completely ignored New York Fashion Week. This is down to a few reasons, 1) I’m waiting on London Fashion Week, 2) I live in England (I know not an excuse, but I’m not exactly there to witness the magic first hand, and 3) Whilst reading up on all that’s happening over there, I didn’t find much of it particularly interesting, all except for Marc Jacobs’ line, to whom I stay forever faithful. Also, Alexa Chung’s first collection for Madewell even caught the attention of Anna Wintour, so I suppose its worth some of mine, LOL. But no, I really do love Alexa Chung’s style (classy feminine meets geeky school-boy), so its great that she’s taken it from the front row to the catwalk. So will you be buying a piece from Chung’s range?

In other news… Well I’ve hesitated to mention this other news, as it does contain some mild adult content. Ehh, what the heck. Love Magazine has caused quite the media frenzy with their recently published 8 covers, displaying quite tactfully (almost) nude supermodels. These legendary models include Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone, Jeniel Williams and more. The models also bared all inside the pages of the mag! Shortly afterwards, Prada teamed up with Love Magazine to make this video ‘Love Thing’ to show beauty and perfection in a whole other light. The video stars some of my favourite models, Agyness Deyn, Dree Hemingway, Pixie Geldof and Rasa Zukauskaite.

So maybe New York Fashion Week isn’t as dull as I thought. Well anyhow, it seems I will be keeping you informed of the latest fashion news from now on, cos you never know what you might miss…

2 responses to “All You Need Is Love (And Other News)

  1. Cute blog. Thanks for the comment, so sweet of you :)

  2. very beautiful editorials, kate is very iconic! love the naomi one too, well, she’s equally iconic! thanks for sharing.
    i find it interesting reading about chung’s line for madewell. glad that she finally decided to start her own fashion line. i’d love to get pieces from her collection. i love her style. she’s just so… well-dressed! i couldn’t really explain why. she’s just very influential. what a dedicated fashionista. glad with the fact that she got wintour’s support, too. must be awesome!

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