Saturday Shopping!

Saturday mornings are most meant for getting up early and hitting the high street. Today I did exactly that. I was hopeful in Primark’s new Spring collection, but was sadly let down by their gi-normous display of blue, green and fuchsia flip flops, and a lack of summer ballet-style dresses. However New Look improved my mood with their Hermes-style patterns and pretty in pink pieces (above). I sought to buy a piece of my Spring wishlist in New Look today also, a grey and pink floral jumper dress with detailed shoulders and deep pockets (below).

In addition to this, New Look made me realize I need to add a piece to my Spring wishlist – HEADBANDS, of course! There glorious collection of sultry black, bold red, cute polkadot and glam gold headwear (below) has made me see the light. I must own that red one!!!

Also, today saw us girls drooling over several pairs of shoes, each pair better than the last. Once again, New Look came up tops with these gorgeous suede pumps in grey. I love their felt comic book soles.

Sadly today my friend was less enthusiastic about me dragging her around River Island at 7am, and this top certainly reflected her mood, New Look, £12.


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