Summer Lovin’

Lately it seems a lot of my posts are about the weather, but dear reader, I must ask, is it too soon to start talking about summer?

Well, I’m going to anyway. If I talk about summer lots, then summer will come. There are a few key trends I will very much look forward to this coming summer.

Firstly, I am not a sporty person, and I often find excuses for PE at school (my kit is dirty, ouch my ankle! etc). However, a common theme for summer 2010 is simply tomboy-ish, sporty chic. Yep, cue the headbands, fame-style shorts and yoga crop tops and dancing leotards…

Another trend I will be high-street shop hopping for, is animalistic, vibrant patterned, tribal. Anything stripy, bright, feminine and embellished sounds good to me…

A big hit at Chloe and Celine, and once again a personal favourite of mine, is this modern, simple trend. The catwalks showed ‘normal’ clothes that ‘normal’ women wear, rather than the outrageous designs that usually  only stick-people can wear. Donna Karan introduced this first with her ‘7 Easy Pieces’ collection, and its back with a bang in summer 2010. And as Chloe’s ready-to-wear by Hannah MacGibbon collection did the simplistic, tailored, easy look best, here is a video of their summer ’10 collection… (you may want to fast forward to 1:00 minutes in, as the first part is an introduction of sorts!)

And finally, perhaps my most favourite trend: denim. Now, I wear a LOT of denim. Jeans, dungarees, denim shorts, you name it, I LOVE it. But denim hasn’t been fashionable since the late 70’s. However, denim is back with embellishments, fringe, denim in shoes, hats and much more…

So its clear that summer ’10 is all about diversity. One day try wild, bright tribal patterns, the next, try a simple tailored tan dress. Simply be creative, and wear what you feel good in, and summer ’10 will be a good’un.

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  1. So when you said your ankle hurt………..

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