10 Things I Love Sunday

1) Pineapple Express

I watched this for the first time the other day, with exceedingly low expectations, I mean, how good could a film about weed be? Turns out its astonishingly good. It just made me laugh all the way through, it had great writing, and even great acting. James Franco’s character, the lovable Saul Silver (who’s high all the time) has to be his best performance yet. People even went dressed as him to the 2010 Comic-con.

And, of course, Seth Rogen was at his best. I find it quite amusing that all his film’s are about really really inappropriate stuff, stuff that you just don’t want to see on TV, and yet his films are always genius. Just genius :)

2) All You Can Eat Holidays

Pretty much one of the main reasons I love school holidays, lots and lots of junk food!

3) Laziness

Another reason as to why I LOVE holidays. Passing on all chores and coursework. Great stuff.

Also, this gif of Chris Mintz-Plasse..”I’ll pass”

Love it.

4) Taylor Momsen

She’s had some really bad press lately, but I still love Tay Mom and her rock band, The Pretty Reckless. I love her style, and sure, she has a pretty bad attitude, but I just blame that on the teenage hormones…

5) The Pretty Reckless

Taylor’s band.  It’s mostly pretty dark rock, but her voice is awesome and the lyrics are powerful.

6) Cute necklaces

(Specifically owls)

7) Hold Ups/Knee Highs

So cute. From Urban Outfitters, from £3

8) Siri Tollerod

She’s from Norway, she’s graced the covers of Lula, Elle, 10, and Dansk, and she’s starred in ads for Prada, DKNY, Gwen Stefani and  Alberta Ferretti.

9) Growing Nails

My aim is to have beautifully long nails before term starts. I’m getting there…

10) Acne Wedges

Soooo gorgeous.


One response to “10 Things I Love Sunday

  1. Who buried Ryan!!???

    Acne Wedges no no no no no. Bad footwear very bad footwear. Common sense must prevail!! Frankenstein’s boy could carry these off, no one else has a cat in hell’s chance.

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