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10 Things I Love Sunday

So it’s a Sunday. When there’s nothing better to do than to sit around on the computer all day and list 10 things that you love. I mean why not?

1) Cupcakes.

Who doesn’t?

I have found this great site called who are Surry based cupcake dudes. They take your order online, and you get to pick from a HUGE range of delicious cupcakes. And I’m talking the so-good-you-almost-don’t-want-to-open-the-box-but-do-anyway-because-they-look-so-good good. So yeah, that’s one of my favourite sites, but pretty much any website that has the word cupcake in the URL can’t be a bad’un.

2) Making lists.

I am not at all organized, but I love making lists (like this one) and scribbling post it notes, and sticking random things on my notice board. You would think this would help me be an organized person with an organized life. Alas, it does not. Oh and I also love moodboards. I’ve never done a proper one before, but will be attempting one a la Tavi, very soon.

3) Reading.

Right now I’m in between three books (ooh don’t I sound clever! No? Sorry I’ll stop); Candy by Kevin Brooks, The Face and Cold Fire, both by Dean Koontz. Love a bit of Dean Koontz. He actually gives me nightmares with his thrillers. But that’s why I read them. So if you love a good scare, mild disturbance and high tension thrills, read any Dean Koontz book. I recommend The Husband and Velocity, as they’re the only other two I’ve read but still…

Confession: I actually Googled ‘how many calories can you burn whilst reading?’ and on average, 11-15 calories a day can be burnt just by flicking through the pages of a good book. GET READING PEOPLE!

4) Tumblr.

I have recently found joy in For those of you who are unfamiliar, Tumblr is a blog hosting site, just like WordPress or Blogger. The difference being it’s mainly a photolog. This is a blog made up entirely out of pictures. So a ‘Tumblr’ can post any picture they find inspirational. Some Tumblrs are categorized.

For example, I like party tights for mainly fashion photography, or this is why you’re fat for amazing food photography, or movie of the day for wonderfully amusing pictures of your favourite movies. My Tumblr (fashion victim) is more random: I post mainly fashion photography, but on top of that, anything else that looks pretty or inspires me :)

5) Thick Cotton Dresses.

On a recent trip to London with my mom, we saw some amazing cotton dresses in Camden Market. It was wet and cold, but those snugly dresses looked thick enough to warm you up. Regretfully, I didn’t purchase one, but I will (cue evil villain laugh) MWAHAHA…

Anyway..they came in lovely spring colours, some pastels and my favourite, a deep dark blue with little roses along the edge. They were very school-girl-ish and if you were to light a match around them you’d go up in seconds, but I’d say they really are a key item for A/W 2010.

6) Magazines.

Has anybody read May’s issue of British Elle? Of course you have. I thoroughly enjoyed this month’s cover star story, Demi Moore: back to Hollywood. She explains how hard it was to take a huge step back from the multi-million dollar limelight and concentrate on getting the  ‘body obsession’ monkey off her back. Last month saw the edgy coolness of Chloe Sevigny, a personal life icon of mine. Life icon? Yeah I think that’s what I meant. I mean I like her attitude to life, how she goes about choosing acting roles, and of course, her style.

And of course, the latest Vogue issue stars a fresh looking Gwyneth Paltrow and a fabulous ‘Born In The USA’ editorial featuring Karlie Kloss, one of my favourite models of the moment. And there are many more marvellous magazines out this month. All this reading…I must have burnt off a ton of calories!!

7) Desserts

You may have noticed from my previous post (Smiley Face Food) and the aforementioned Cupcakes (but they’re more snacks than desserts, so shush), that I do dearly love desserts. Especially cute pink desserts. They may be the best part of a meal for me. But they have got to look nice, presentation is everything. There aren’t many desserts that I don’t like. Put simply, if it looks nice (presentation, presentation, PRESENTATION), I’ll eat it :)

8) Miu Miu Spring 2010

I’m in love with the Miu Miu’s spring collection. It teams masculinity and femininity brilliantly. I also love the randomness and quirkiness of the collection; the pantsuit with the naked bodies all over it, the shoes with the white birds all over it, the scorpion-resembling gold and bronze embellishments. It’s all so random, but fascinating to look at!

9) Eric Wasson

One of my favourite models of the moment, Texas-born Erin Wasson’s sharp features and sharper attitude have been featured in countless magazines, including French, Australian, German and Spanish Vogue, Flair, Esquire, Elle, Numero and Allure.  She’s walked for Armani, Chloe, Lanvin, Lagerfeld, Gucci and many more A-List designers. Most recently, she’s produced her own womenswear collection in collaboration with the surf and skate lifestyle brand RVCA.

I like her feisty attitude and her sharp, eye-catching looks. She brings diversity you don’t see in other dainty little models, and she’s the type of model the industry needs more of.

10) Learning About Politics.

In order to develop more of an understanding of different parties, as May’s General Election impends, my mom has put a task to my brother and I: we are to go away and research each party and their policies, decide who we would vote for, then give a small presentation to mom explaining why we are partial to the party we are partial to (try saying that when your drunk). It might sound silly (and mother may not take either of our presentations into account and vote entirely of her own accord, which is…fine), but this has been really interesting for me.

Many of the magazines I’ve been reading from March till May have contained ‘Election Specials’: articles by top-notch political journalists, so they have helped tremendously (namely Tatler, Elle and Harper’s Bizarre). And I’m nearly ready for the ‘presentation’ :)

WOO, that was a long post. On a completely random, useless topic. Great stuff. Hope you enjoyed, more posts soon! :)