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You need to see this

Ance. Fall 2010. Everything. The colours. The fabrics. The androgyny. The chunky, grungy shape. Gah, too much love.

photo credit; romanorums

Excuse Time

What time is it? Excuse time!
Only I don’t really have many excuses for lack of blogging, I’m just lacking in things to say. Well, that’s not completely accurate, as I could talk for England, but fashion wise, I’ve been totally uninspired. And just after fashion week, I know that this may seem ridiculous, but truth be told, I’ve haven’t been particularly enthused by most of what I’ve seen this S/S ’11. Why? Partly because I’m an A/W girl at heart. Partly because I prefer the simple, darker shades of fall – rather than the colour pop that seems to have spread like an infection over LFW (see Meadham Kirchhoff, Christopher Kane  and Prada). And partly because, I’ve been working on a little project related to street style – on which I’ll keep you posted.

Nonetheless, there were a few shining beacons of hope playing for the minimalism side (see Rag & Bone, Jil Sander and Chloe). And a  few other noteworthy contenders include Alexander Wang (1), Celine (2) and Collette Dinnigan (3). Wang’s summer collection was full of simplicity and optimism, yet the witchy silhouette gave it an edge. Celine’s androgyny and use of layering never fail to impress. And perhaps the lesser-known Collette Dinnigan really impressed this S/S, with her fun, youthful collection that included bloomer shorts, baby doll dresses and cropped trousers.

Wang, Celine, Dinnigan.

So Spring/Summer collections are never my favourite – mostly because of the lack of black (quick high-five for the rhyme there). After all, black is my safety colour, my comfort zone, and maybe I need to try the trend and add a little colour into my wardrobe. Well, I guess it’s always good to try new things…
And, finally, to end this post (there are more posts to come though, pinkie promise), a few inspiration pics to help me embrace a little colour (aaaaaaaah!)

Colourful Street Style.


(photos courtesy of,

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed fashion week more than I did!

Lots of love,

Fashion Girl


Love From Paris

I’m still reeling from the A/W catwalk collections for 2010, yet I haven’t even touched on the Fall collections here!  So, I thought I’d give you my thoughts on the fashions from the magically sophisticated city that brought some of the best designer collections this year…Paris!


It’s impossible to pick my favourite from the 30 something pieces that make up the Fall 2010 collection from Chloe. Some may say they were bored with the repetitive colour palette, but I find Camel, the colour of the season, makes these clothes appear even more elegant and chic. I love love LOVE the silk pussy-bow blouses and wide legged trousers.  The fur and chunky knits and cool camel overcoats are just…ladylike. There’s no better word for the collection to be honest. Each piece, no matter how simple, has a certain grown-up sophistication, but also a kind of ease and versatility in wearing them. The label’s previous collections were always youthful and cool, but I much prefer Hannah MacGibbon’s 1970’s inspired take on it.


Phoebe Philo is really nothing short of a genius. Before her, Celine was near the bottom of the fashion ranks. However, because of her, Celine was this season’s most highly anticipated show. And it really didn’t disappoint. Similar to Chloe, Celine had a more grown up style to the collection this Fall. From see through silk chiffon and thick fur capes, to smart tapered trousers and cotton/leather trench coats, Celine really defined ‘Ready-To-Wear’ this season. The great thing about the collection is, any woman can wear it. Every piece; versatile, wearable, comfortable. And on top of all that, it looks amazing. Told ya Philo was a genius.

Stella McCartney

Another wearable collection from Paris. Now, I’ve never really been a big fan of Stella McCartney (apart from her perfumes, naturally), but this collection just makes me smile. It sound silly I know, but looking at the big chunky knits and oversized hoodies and big trench coats and cool capes, it all looks so… snug. Each piece looks trendy, but also extremely comfortable. And, once again, the trousers are incredibly well made and look beautiful. I think the grey sweater with the matching tapered trousers and nude kitten heels (below, right) has to be my favourite outfit. Ever.


Paris was one of the most wearable of the four cities this season, what with the prim and proper-ness that was Chloe, Celine and Stella, so it was important and inspiring when Balmain decided to mix it up a bit with edgy prints and cool military jackets. I had so many favourites, I had to add four more pictures below. After a long time intently staring at each one (what a geek), I think I’ve concluded: the brick-red skinny pants (below, right) and the purple pants/blazer/trainer heels combination (above, right) were my absolute favourites in the collection. The structure of even basic separates, the prints, the odd hint of fringe, and every now and then an eclectic pop of colour: the Balmain Fall collection is really rather breath-taking.

President Pulling Power

Sarah Brown, Samantha Cameron, Michelle Obama, hell even Miriam Clegg. Powerful ladies who have pulled priministers and presidents. No doubt it must be tough being the wife of important men like their husbands. Having power in politics as they do, or if not power then simply the reputation of your hubby being Gordon Brown/David Cameron/Nick Clegg/Barack Obama, they often get swept under the politics carpet. I mean they aren’t snapped at the front rows of London Fashion Week. We rarely see them in ‘This Weeks Best Dressed’ columns. A recent article in Elle UK suggested women can’t have power and glamour, without great difficulty at least. However, if you look closely, remarkably, these powerful women are very fashionable.

Sarah Brown does her electioneering in fairtrade clothing, especially the ethical clothing brand People Tree. And although you may not have seen her, she did wear the brand to London Fashion Week. Even more remarkably, Brown appeared at the Elle Style Awards and aided Naomi Campbell in her Fashion For Relief Appeal! Sam Cameron is often pictured mixing high street (Reiss, Zara, Marks & Spencer) with designer (Erdem, Phillip Lim). Risque, high-fashion pictures of her have recently been released, her sporting sheepskin, shift dresses, and elegant evening gowns. Cameron has real potential in the fashion industry.

It’s only natural that powerful political wives of the UK should step up their game, what with Michelle Obama bravely leading the way in her classic looks and elegant demeanour. Mrs O can be seen wearing newer designers like Peter Soronen, Than and Maria Pinto, along with classic pieces of Alexander McQueen, Narciso Rodriguez and Chanel.

LFW Love

Back again! This will probably be one of many posts about London Fashion Week, as being so busy makes it hard to make one whole post. Wow! March already. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun…

So London Fashion Week is over, the shows were fabulous, the designers bigger than ever, and the clothes pushing  the boundaries like never before. So, here are a few moments from my glamourously, magical weekend.First of all, I’ll indulge in a few selfish ‘me, me, me’ moments. My LFW tidbits (I have no idea what this word means but here goes):

This was my baggage for the weekend..

And sadly there wasn’t a full photo of my outfit, as my thick scarf kept covering it, but this is basically what I wore to Somerset House..

And here is what was rocking out my iPod pretty much all weekend..

That’s it for now. Tomorrow, I’ll probably ramble on about the gorgeous stuff I bought :)

Ciao for now…

All You Need Is Love (And Other News)

I haven’t been the best fashion blogger lately, in that I’ve completely ignored New York Fashion Week. This is down to a few reasons, 1) I’m waiting on London Fashion Week, 2) I live in England (I know not an excuse, but I’m not exactly there to witness the magic first hand, and 3) Whilst reading up on all that’s happening over there, I didn’t find much of it particularly interesting, all except for Marc Jacobs’ line, to whom I stay forever faithful. Also, Alexa Chung’s first collection for Madewell even caught the attention of Anna Wintour, so I suppose its worth some of mine, LOL. But no, I really do love Alexa Chung’s style (classy feminine meets geeky school-boy), so its great that she’s taken it from the front row to the catwalk. So will you be buying a piece from Chung’s range?

In other news… Well I’ve hesitated to mention this other news, as it does contain some mild adult content. Ehh, what the heck. Love Magazine has caused quite the media frenzy with their recently published 8 covers, displaying quite tactfully (almost) nude supermodels. These legendary models include Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone, Jeniel Williams and more. The models also bared all inside the pages of the mag! Shortly afterwards, Prada teamed up with Love Magazine to make this video ‘Love Thing’ to show beauty and perfection in a whole other light. The video stars some of my favourite models, Agyness Deyn, Dree Hemingway, Pixie Geldof and Rasa Zukauskaite.

So maybe New York Fashion Week isn’t as dull as I thought. Well anyhow, it seems I will be keeping you informed of the latest fashion news from now on, cos you never know what you might miss…