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Peter Funch Photography

If you didn’t know already, I love ‘People Watching’. Yes, its an interesting sport that involves sitting oneself down and watching, judging, wondering about the people that walk by. Really, if I had my way I’d sit on a swing all day and watch the people that walk by. Perhaps not the most polite thing to do, but hey, what do you do when your bored? So when I saw these photographs, they reminded me of ‘People Watching’. I love them! The children and the camera one are my faves, and is it weird the yawn one makes me sleepy? Well anyway, check out more of his wonderful photography at

Also, I apologize for the decrease in posting, I’ve been super busy with coursework, and getting ready for London Fashion Weekend. I leave Friday and am back Monday. Cannot wait!!!!! *SQUEEEAL!* (God, I do so much squealing lately!) So yeah, blog will be back to normal Monday, love you all :)


McQueen: 1969-2010

British designer Alexander Mcqueen, known for his unconventional designs, shock tactics and outstanding contribution to the fashion industry, has died 11th February 2010, a week after his mother’s death. He grew up in a council house in a tower block in Stratford, and today he dies a legend.

Rest in peace Lee Alexander Mcqueen, you will be missed.

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Ford’s New Venture

Only just saw the trailer for The Single Man, a film by designer Tom Ford. Was  going to resist blogging about it, let alone seeing it, after a somewhat scathing  review from an anonymous at the Daily Mail. The article titled ‘Confessions of a fashionista: Why does designer ‘slash’ film director Tom Ford think he can master any industry?’ verbally bashes Fords’ ability in co-writing and directing The Single Man.

The film stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore, ironically two favourites of mine. Its set in the early 60s, and is about an openly gay English professor called George who, after the sudden death of his partner tries to go about his typical day in Los Angeles. It begins a tragedy though, as George has decided this ‘typical day’ will be his last.

It doesn’t really sound like a film I’d be into to be honest. I think the ‘tragedy from the beginning’ throws me off. However, film critic Betsey Sharkey from Los Angeles Times is convinced: “We’re always looking for those performances that truly define an actor, where we can sit back and simply watch the talent soar. For Colin Firth, “A Single Man” is that film.”

And, on the plus side, being set in the 60’s (personally, one of my favourite eras for fashion) and directed by Tom Ford, there’s sure to be some fabulous costume and makeup choices!

So maybe I’ll risk crying like a baby in the cinema, and go see The Single Man, out in cinemas 12th February.

Bizarre Or Beautiful: The Grammys

So the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards took place on the 31st January. There were some winners and some losers, and awards like Album/Song of the Year, Rock Song of The Year, Best Collaboration, Best Instrumental, Best R&B, Best Alternative, Best Metal, etc etc.. Some winners of the night include:

Taylor Swift with Fearless, Album of the Year.

Beyonce with Single Ladies, Songwriter Award of the Year.

Kings of Lean with Use Somebody, Record of the Year.

Zac Brown Band, Best New Artist.

And many many more. There were also some winners and losers in terms of styling choices too. Here are a few of the ‘beautiful’ people of the night:

And naturally, there were a few ‘bizarre’ attendants…


The Mum: The Style Icon

Who says m0m’s have no sense of style? Check out the pics of these momma’s in their haydays…

And The Winner Is…

Georgia May Jagger, 18, daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, campaigned with Vasace, Louis Vuitton, Prada, most recently Hudson Jeans, and starred in magazines Vanity Fair, Vogue, and most recently Dazed & Confused, has been named Model of The Year.

She Hates Fashion

Tanya Gold has no fun shopping anymore…

Its a Sunday morning and there’s nothing to do but catch up on the news and get ready for the upcoming week. Reading the Guardian this morning, I come across an article in the Life & Style section, ‘Why I Hate Fashion, by Tanya Gold’. She goes into elaborate detail into why she hates fashion, but its clear its because of 3 reasons..

1) She hates Carrie Bradshaw’s ornate love of shoes.

2) A young girl died wearing heels, and Gold definitely blames the heels.

3) One model she interviewed was very depressed and didn’t like her pictures.

She has some interesting points about fashion when she was a child, and the faces she sees whilst she shops: “White and windowless” and “I don’t think I ever saw anyone laugh in Harvey Nichols”. However, she is reluctant to see anymore to fashion, than its fads, its ‘latest wears’, its 6-inch heels. Yes, fashion can be restrictive, I admit. But its also full of creation, expression, personality and fun.

What Gold lacks is the ability to see any other side of fashion, but the oppressive, depressive portrayal. Surely, she couldn’t have concocted this obscure opinion of fashion on her own? No. I’m sure the media helped her there.

‘Anorexic children’ she calls it, as Tanya flicks through the glossy pages of Vogue, oh-so-tempted to rip it up. What she misses is the informative articles, the intriguing ads, and the simple self-expression and beauty that comes from its photoshoots.

She also fails to see the difference between ‘fashion’ and ‘style’. Fashion catwalks don’t dictate, they influence. That’s what fashion is: an influence. Then your own personal style comes from what you take from the catwalks. Gold is sure designer labels don’t make you beautiful. Maybe so. But isn’t it somewhat hypocritical of her to say that, as she’s all about beauty on the inside? Designer labels may not make you look beautiful on the outside (though often, the right ones do!), but they always certainly make you feel beautiful on the inside. And that’s all that counts.

Come shopping with me Tan, I’ll show you the light.