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The Most Beautiful Shoes In The World!?

Reading one of my faves ‘Starbucks and Jane Austen’ blog, saw this pic of Kendra Spears’ latest editorial in February’s issue of Vogue Nippon (Japanese Vogue) and have fallen in love with the boots. Once again, shoes have been put to the top of the wishlist. Think its time to admit I have a problem…my name is Abbey and I am a shoeaholic.

Note to self, must find out who makes these shoes!!!!!!

Anybody know?

Winter Blues

The title of this post is a lie. It’s not really Winter. And I don’t have the blues. Nonetheless, it was Friday yesterday. I did not do anything remotely interesting. However, upon browsing the photography folder in My Pictures, I found this photograph:

I took it at the cemetary close to where I live. I thought it was beautiful when taken around December time when the icy roads were increasing. Now it seems so melancholy and unnecessary, and sort of it gives me a sense of faux winter blues. Yet, I can’t bring myself to delete it. Instead, I think of how we leave the snow behind, and look forward to the summer ahead.

So, in preparation for the Spring/Summer of 2010, I  kick-started with these vintage blue and white polkadot sunglasses, and Paul Smith Floral Eau De Toilet:

You Gotta’ Love Summer!♥

The Mum: The Style Icon

Who says m0m’s have no sense of style? Check out the pics of these momma’s in their haydays…

Curves Have Their Moment

Yes it’s true. After fashion has been dominated by a fairly slim host of models, its been reported that plus size models have finally broke through the industry. This was triggered when famous plus-size model Crystal Renn was chosen to end New York Fashion Week’s Catwalk. In American fashion magazine ‘V Magazine’, the rare plus-size models in Gucci, G-Star, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. The shoot is on billboards all over Manhattan, and now, in magazines in the UK. All the models look fabulous, and none the worse for their “fat”.