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Excuse Time

What time is it? Excuse time!
Only I don’t really have many excuses for lack of blogging, I’m just lacking in things to say. Well, that’s not completely accurate, as I could talk for England, but fashion wise, I’ve been totally uninspired. And just after fashion week, I know that this may seem ridiculous, but truth be told, I’ve haven’t been particularly enthused by most of what I’ve seen this S/S ’11. Why? Partly because I’m an A/W girl at heart. Partly because I prefer the simple, darker shades of fall – rather than the colour pop that seems to have spread like an infection over LFW (see Meadham Kirchhoff, Christopher Kane  and Prada). And partly because, I’ve been working on a little project related to street style – on which I’ll keep you posted.

Nonetheless, there were a few shining beacons of hope playing for the minimalism side (see Rag & Bone, Jil Sander and Chloe). And a  few other noteworthy contenders include Alexander Wang (1), Celine (2) and Collette Dinnigan (3). Wang’s summer collection was full of simplicity and optimism, yet the witchy silhouette gave it an edge. Celine’s androgyny and use of layering never fail to impress. And perhaps the lesser-known Collette Dinnigan really impressed this S/S, with her fun, youthful collection that included bloomer shorts, baby doll dresses and cropped trousers.

Wang, Celine, Dinnigan.

So Spring/Summer collections are never my favourite – mostly because of the lack of black (quick high-five for the rhyme there). After all, black is my safety colour, my comfort zone, and maybe I need to try the trend and add a little colour into my wardrobe. Well, I guess it’s always good to try new things…
And, finally, to end this post (there are more posts to come though, pinkie promise), a few inspiration pics to help me embrace a little colour (aaaaaaaah!)

Colourful Street Style.


(photos courtesy of,

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed fashion week more than I did!

Lots of love,

Fashion Girl



My Sundays, as you probably know by now, are usually spent doing mostly nothing, but tomorrow I’m going to a festival. I’m super excited because I get to dress up festival-style! I’ve surfing the net for the best bohemian/festival-ly pieces.

Topshop have some of the best festival dresses, I like this floral number (£35) the most, the frills at the top and the flowy bottom is gorgeous. I’d team with pink, green or black doc martens to give it an edgy touch (and you can’t very well go waddling about a festival in sandals/pink kitten heels now can you!?).

This studded suede duffel bag in nude is very bohemian-y and perfect for keeping festival essentials in (plus it goes with the dress!!!!). You can find it now for just £35 at

In terms of designer wear, this bold-shouldered Balmain jacket is just irresistable. Wear to a festival with skinny jeans and army boots for a darker, military-inspired look.

So yeah, that’s the festival outfit idea that you lot should try. I’ll take some pictures and show you what I wore tomorrow, and I’m gonna conclude with Fyfe Dangerfield’s cover of Billy Joel’s ‘She’s Always A Woman To Me’, which you’ve probably seen in the UK’s latest John Lewis advert. I LOVE it…

Oscar Brutality

This post has been saved as a draft for quite some time now, finally clicked the little publish button and got it out there. So, I don’t mean to get all bitchy blogger on you guys, but am I the only one who was thoroughly disappointed by the Oscar dresses this year?

From J-Lo’s Prive mistake, to Vera Farmiga’s Marchesa dress that made her look like an ice cream, the 82nd 2010 Oscars were awful.

I am sorry, but Lopez should have stuck to her assets, instead of attempting classy in Armani Prive.

Charlize Theron could have rocked this Dior dress, had it not been for the stupid boob-flowers and fallen down cape!

Is it just me or does she look pregnant? :/

I think someone should tell Zoe Saldana the Colourful Furry Monster is clinging to the bottom of her dress…

At least, there were a few beacons of light at this years Oscars, SJP look effortlessly stunning in Chanel Couture. I love the colour and embellishment detail towards the back.

Rising star and muse of mine, Carey Mulligan sported this unique Prada dress. If you look closely you’ll see those are forks. Yes, forks.

The Precious star Gabourey Sidibe looked gorgeous in electric blue Marchesa, I love the interesting cut and sensible train!

LFW Love

Back again! This will probably be one of many posts about London Fashion Week, as being so busy makes it hard to make one whole post. Wow! March already. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun…

So London Fashion Week is over, the shows were fabulous, the designers bigger than ever, and the clothes pushing  the boundaries like never before. So, here are a few moments from my glamourously, magical weekend.First of all, I’ll indulge in a few selfish ‘me, me, me’ moments. My LFW tidbits (I have no idea what this word means but here goes):

This was my baggage for the weekend..

And sadly there wasn’t a full photo of my outfit, as my thick scarf kept covering it, but this is basically what I wore to Somerset House..

And here is what was rocking out my iPod pretty much all weekend..

That’s it for now. Tomorrow, I’ll probably ramble on about the gorgeous stuff I bought :)

Ciao for now…

Peter Funch Photography

If you didn’t know already, I love ‘People Watching’. Yes, its an interesting sport that involves sitting oneself down and watching, judging, wondering about the people that walk by. Really, if I had my way I’d sit on a swing all day and watch the people that walk by. Perhaps not the most polite thing to do, but hey, what do you do when your bored? So when I saw these photographs, they reminded me of ‘People Watching’. I love them! The children and the camera one are my faves, and is it weird the yawn one makes me sleepy? Well anyway, check out more of his wonderful photography at

Also, I apologize for the decrease in posting, I’ve been super busy with coursework, and getting ready for London Fashion Weekend. I leave Friday and am back Monday. Cannot wait!!!!! *SQUEEEAL!* (God, I do so much squealing lately!) So yeah, blog will be back to normal Monday, love you all :)


London Letter Love!

I am not ashamed to say that when, whilst browsing my email inbox, I came across the London Fashion Week 3 Weeks Left Reminder, I squealed. Like a big girl. Yes, had sent me an email saying, Just 3 Weeks To Go Until London’s SS10 Collections! And as I scrolled down and saw the picture attached, I squealed once more. Louder.

The ‘Letter from London’ read inspiring statements..

Here’s to the season when the sun shone on London. When the gorgeous golden home-quarters of fashion week opened at Somerset House. When Burberry, Matthew Williamson, Jonathan Saunders and Pringle of Scotland came back to town. When fresh talent and creativity burst out all over the place. A new presentation schedule kicked off. And worked. And things ran almost on time. The British don’t boast, so we’ll just have to whisper this: it’s turned out to be a 25th Anniversary Bonanza round here…

I conclude…OMG!!!! *SQUEALS*

Bizarre Or Beautiful: The Grammys

So the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards took place on the 31st January. There were some winners and some losers, and awards like Album/Song of the Year, Rock Song of The Year, Best Collaboration, Best Instrumental, Best R&B, Best Alternative, Best Metal, etc etc.. Some winners of the night include:

Taylor Swift with Fearless, Album of the Year.

Beyonce with Single Ladies, Songwriter Award of the Year.

Kings of Lean with Use Somebody, Record of the Year.

Zac Brown Band, Best New Artist.

And many many more. There were also some winners and losers in terms of styling choices too. Here are a few of the ‘beautiful’ people of the night:

And naturally, there were a few ‘bizarre’ attendants…