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Everybody Tells

I’m writing this at 4AM, as I just finished watching the hit ABC Gossip Girl-esque series ‘Pretty Little Liars’. The video above is the ever so creepy theme tune to the series. I really enjoyed watching the show, there was something so addictive about it. Every episode left you with a cliffhanger, and there was always unanswered questions and a lot of drama so keep you wondering. If you didn’t know already, the show is about a group of four friends who reconnect after the one year anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of their best friend Alison. The girls all start receiving strange messages from ‘A’, threatening to reveal all of their secrets. Of course, my favourite thing about the show is the styles of each girl. They’re all very different in both style and personality.

From Left: Emily, Spencer, Aria, Hanna.

There’s Emily (played by Shay Mitchell), sweet but confused, prefers more casual, sporty athletic clothing, and wears denim skirts, or jeans and colourful or stripy tees, often sporting a plain messenger bag and trainers. Spencer (played by Troian Bellisario), the strong smart one who dresses in a very smart, androgynous style, and favours blazers, shirts and brogues. Next, there’s Aria (played by Lucy Hale), my favourite. She has a more quirky sense of style. All her outfits are a mix of many things, often feminine with a rock edge, or bohemian with a formal edge. She layers different patterns and mixed prints, favours autumn colours, with unique bohemian jewellery and often knee-high stockings with cute pumps or tough boots. Finally, Hanna (played by Ashley Benson), the loyal, newest Queen Bee, loves her designer labels and pairs girls frilly dresses or short skirts with sharp cut black blazers and black heels or girly wedges.

Each girls outfit choices resemble different designers  Fall 2010 collections. For instance, Emily’s shrugs and knits resemble those in Isabel Marant’s RTW collection this fall. Spencer’s smart blazers and tapered trousers are similar to those of Stella McCartney’s. Aria’s leather aviator jacket takes after that of Julien McDonald or Balmain, and her knee-high stockings are the image of Alexander Wang’s hold ups in his RTW Fall collection. Hanna’s outfits are reminiscent of pieces in the Bottega Veneta and Dolce & Gabbana Fall Collections.

Fashionable Television

Am I the only one hooked on all the comedy/dramas on TV these days?         Glee. Material Girl. Mad Men. Skins. The Inbetweeners.  Doctor Who. I could go on. Now, I don’t often have fashion in mind when I watch these programmes, but recently, as pointed out in the Guardian, they’ve all grown up a bit.

Glee came to our screens at the start of 2010, perhaps not-so-grown-up, in the tale of a struggling teacher who tries to uplift the school’ unpopular performance club, ‘Glee’. Its light-hearted comedy and pleasant enough storylines has most teenage girls hooked. But upon further viewing, the outifits are actually resemblant of S/S catwalks this year.

Whether its Rachel’s (sixth from left) preppy nudes and ballet pumps, or Tina’s (first from left) punky blacks and purpley accents, to Kurt’s (second from right, back row) latest Marc Jacobs’ handbags. It seems there’s an outcast’s outfit for everyone.

Mad Men, as always portrays a more 60s conservative style, with eccentric colours, sleek body-cons and cigarettes in hand.

Another series of Skins, the same sex drugs and rock’n’roll antics. However, the show’s main character Effy brings a touch of rock chick glamour to the show, and of course, staying true to her dark, smoky eye makeup. Another of its characters, Naomi, portrays the shows soft, indie side with her young outifts, vibrant colours and fabulous hair. Over on the BBC, the new Doctor comes to our screens this spring, sporting a new personality, a new hairstyle and a new suit! I can’t wait to see if the young Matt Smith will pull off a better Doctor than David Tennant. Highly unlikely *cries*…

New to BBC1 this year, Being Human’s Lenora Crichlow stars in fashion comedy/drama Material Girl. Crichlow plays very sweet and very talented designer Ali Redcliffe, struggling in the apparently cut-throat, backstabbing world of fashion. I’m thoroughly enjoying seeing the fabulous outfits every week.

Finally, The Inbetweeners boys will be back for a thrid series later this Spring. I am currently watching the previous series to remind myself of the much loved mishaps including, Neil punching a fish, Jay jumping on his ‘friends’ car, Will the briefcase so-and-so, and Simon’s I LOVE CARLY D’AMATO artwork on her front path. Glad they’re coming back to be honest, can’t wait to see what shananigans they’ll be up to in 2010 (yes I said shananigans)…