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Exams in Style?

It is so difficult to be inspired during exam months. Y’know, fashion-wise. Waiting to go into the exam halls, surrounded by 100+ other students awash with a disheartening spirit, looking around is a bleak and miserable thing. I personally would rather be sitting down with June’s copy of Elle* and a nice cuppa, as opposed to sitting down with a headache, 3 pens (preparation is key, I found out during the 1 pen disaster during the SATs of ’09) and a history final. I look to the invigilators, walking around in their caffeine-induced zombie-like daze, hopeful for some fashion sense, only to be disappointed by their poor socks-with-sandals effort.

After completing the history test with time to spare, my mind wonders: imagine if our invigilators were über cool people like Zach Braff and Rosie-Huntington-Whitely (who is from now on to be referred to as RHW, as that name is too long to type. Who says teenagers are lazy?). Zach could sing ‘GUY LOVE’** with me while Rosie struts up and down the walkways in something fabulously ‘vomit-pink’. If only.

(*Have you seen July’s cover girl? The aforementioned RHW! She looks stunning. She has a sort of odd-looking face, more striking than traditionally pretty. I love how Elle have used a sort of juxtaposition in the shoot, between the strong, striking features of her face and hair and the soft, romancey-ness (that’s a word, right?) of the clothes. Her cheekbones would cut you like glass and she pulls of a silk Nina Ricci blouse not quite like you’ve ever seen, so check out the issue now. Preview pictures below…)

(**I am a long-term Scrubs fan, therefore Zach Braff (AKA J.D.) being my ideal invigilator is not surprising. If you have no idea what I mean when I mention the song ‘Guy Love’, you’re missing out. The ‘Guy Love’ refers to the bromance between J.D. and his best friend Turk. Check it out below…)

Excuse Time

What time is it? Excuse time!
Only I don’t really have many excuses for lack of blogging, I’m just lacking in things to say. Well, that’s not completely accurate, as I could talk for England, but fashion wise, I’ve been totally uninspired. And just after fashion week, I know that this may seem ridiculous, but truth be told, I’ve haven’t been particularly enthused by most of what I’ve seen this S/S ’11. Why? Partly because I’m an A/W girl at heart. Partly because I prefer the simple, darker shades of fall – rather than the colour pop that seems to have spread like an infection over LFW (see Meadham Kirchhoff, Christopher Kane  and Prada). And partly because, I’ve been working on a little project related to street style – on which I’ll keep you posted.

Nonetheless, there were a few shining beacons of hope playing for the minimalism side (see Rag & Bone, Jil Sander and Chloe). And a  few other noteworthy contenders include Alexander Wang (1), Celine (2) and Collette Dinnigan (3). Wang’s summer collection was full of simplicity and optimism, yet the witchy silhouette gave it an edge. Celine’s androgyny and use of layering never fail to impress. And perhaps the lesser-known Collette Dinnigan really impressed this S/S, with her fun, youthful collection that included bloomer shorts, baby doll dresses and cropped trousers.

Wang, Celine, Dinnigan.

So Spring/Summer collections are never my favourite – mostly because of the lack of black (quick high-five for the rhyme there). After all, black is my safety colour, my comfort zone, and maybe I need to try the trend and add a little colour into my wardrobe. Well, I guess it’s always good to try new things…
And, finally, to end this post (there are more posts to come though, pinkie promise), a few inspiration pics to help me embrace a little colour (aaaaaaaah!)

Colourful Street Style.


(photos courtesy of style.com, elleuk.com)

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed fashion week more than I did!

Lots of love,

Fashion Girl


Au Revoir Carine


Carine Roitfeld is giving up her crown as editor-in-chief of Parisian Vogue today, after reigning the magazine for ten years. The 56-year-old has become a style icon in her own right, appearing front row, and having the final say on many a designers fashion show. Whereas Anna Wintour’s ‘bobbed hair, print dress and sunglasses’ style remains the same, I like how Roitfeld has a daring, feisty and ever-changing style.


Firstly, Roitfeld began modelling at 18, after turning to writing and styling for French Elle. In 1990, she began working with Mario Testino doing shoots for Vogue US and Vogue Paris. Up till 1996, she was both consultant and muse to Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, before becoming editor of French Vogue in 2001.



Roitfeld announced she’d be resigning from the magazine and will leave in January 2011, proclaiming “I think it’s time to do something different”.


Smiley Face Food

Its Easter break here in the UK. Two weeks off, yaaaay!

This means I can happily spend my days dressing up for no reason what so ever. Now, in the interest of anonymity, I have, rather amusingly, cropped my head off. The pictures, that is. It is a pleasant enough day, if slightly windy. But I was woken up rudely and abruptly by the parentals (yes I know it’s a cool word), so I decide to reflect my tiresomeness in my outfit, with different shades of grey. So I have gone with comfortable, somewhat skinny jeans, a dark grey vest top, a grey tailored boyfriend blazer, shimmery grey cut out patent flats and a vintage short mix bead necklace in spring pastels. No makeup and hair was blowdried and moussed for a wavy-ish dishevelled look. Also, take note on my marvellous posh-totty-polo-playing pose. Y’know because of the hands, and the blazer and…oh forget it.

(Vintage blazer, vest by Paul & Joe, jeans and shoes by New Look and vintage necklace)

Go back a few days, and it’s your typical English weather. It’s cold, it’s windy and rain is more than likely on the way. I don’t want to do anything today, except for catch up on Desperate Housewives of course (I know I’ve stooped to this level, but if you haven’t seen it you must, a definite guilty pleasure!) and so I wear a lazy day vintage grey wool cardigan (AGAIN WITH THE GREY!?), my comfortable, somewhat skinny jeans (okay, so I wear the same clothes days at a time, you caught me), and just for a Gene Kelly style walk (dance) in the (soon to come) rain, I put on some Michael Kors black patent heels.

(Vintage cardigan, heels by Michael Kors and jeans as before)

Also, I had a lovely lunch today (blazer and all) at Wing-Wai, a chinese buffet-type restaurant. They served delightful little home-made desserts and, being the immature child I am, I made smiley faces out of them! It’s so much fun playing with your food I tell you.

So this one had three eyes.

A close up of the three eyes.

And this just might be my masterpiece.