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Exams in Style?

It is so difficult to be inspired during exam months. Y’know, fashion-wise. Waiting to go into the exam halls, surrounded by 100+ other students awash with a disheartening spirit, looking around is a bleak and miserable thing. I personally would rather be sitting down with June’s copy of Elle* and a nice cuppa, as opposed to sitting down with a headache, 3 pens (preparation is key, I found out during the 1 pen disaster during the SATs of ’09) and a history final. I look to the invigilators, walking around in their caffeine-induced zombie-like daze, hopeful for some fashion sense, only to be disappointed by their poor socks-with-sandals effort.

After completing the history test with time to spare, my mind wonders: imagine if our invigilators were über cool people like Zach Braff and Rosie-Huntington-Whitely (who is from now on to be referred to as RHW, as that name is too long to type. Who says teenagers are lazy?). Zach could sing ‘GUY LOVE’** with me while Rosie struts up and down the walkways in something fabulously ‘vomit-pink’. If only.

(*Have you seen July’s cover girl? The aforementioned RHW! She looks stunning. She has a sort of odd-looking face, more striking than traditionally pretty. I love how Elle have used a sort of juxtaposition in the shoot, between the strong, striking features of her face and hair and the soft, romancey-ness (that’s a word, right?) of the clothes. Her cheekbones would cut you like glass and she pulls of a silk Nina Ricci blouse not quite like you’ve ever seen, so check out the issue now. Preview pictures below…)

(**I am a long-term Scrubs fan, therefore Zach Braff (AKA J.D.) being my ideal invigilator is not surprising. If you have no idea what I mean when I mention the song ‘Guy Love’, you’re missing out. The ‘Guy Love’ refers to the bromance between J.D. and his best friend Turk. Check it out below…)

Style Icons

It’s hard to develop a sense of personal style at a young age. When asked to describe her personal style, 17-year-old skins actress Kaya Scodelario said “It’s pretty random, whatever I can find on the high street, I just buy whatever looks nice”. Whereas a more established adult who knows what suits her, what doesn’t and knows what she likes will have a better, more defined sense of personal style. So in order to realize our own style, to get more experienced into making clothing decisions and to find inspiration, we use style icons.

Researching further into ‘style icons’ it seemed there were a wide variety of actresses, models, muses, and designers, that women considered icons. There were a few names that cropped up consistently however: Coco Chanel, Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie O and others.

For me, I have various icons that inspire me for different reasons. For example, for a wedding, or well-to-do celebration, I’d channel the likes of Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn. For an edgier look, or when I’m feeling more outrageous, I’d look at the outfits of Debbie Harry, Marilyn Monroe and Carine Roitfeld. As well as older icons, I take interest in what the stars and celebs of today are wearing. For instance, if I’m going to a party with friends, I’d wear something reflective of Taylor Momsen’s rock chick look, or Shingai Shoniwa’s bright tribal look.

No matter who your style icon is, or how many of them you have, it’s important to make the look your own. By adapting outfits, re-styling a look and customizing it your own way, will eventually lead to developing your own sense of style.  And remember, rather than simply imitating the icons look, try to emulate their confidence or outlook on getting dressed. This way, eventually, you’ll be able to use this attitude, this poise, to make your own style choices, developing your personal fashion sense.